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The VR Home game was made by Robin and Daniel while studying Game Design at the University of Nottingham.
Robyn was born in a small village in the middle of England, but he moved to Spain when he was 18. In Spain he studied Game Design and worked on many games with titles such as My First Ghost or The Time Capsule. When he came back to England he wanted to continue making games. He then started working on this game while studying Game Design and afterwards work for Ubisoft games as a QA Tester for several years.
Daniel is studying Music at the University of Nottingham, but he also used to work on films, websites and games in his free time before joining Robin as the programmer and designer of VR Home.
This is a very early version of the game.
The music used in the game is by Joel Martin and I thank him for providing the sound for VR Home.
I would also like to thank the many people who have made donations in the past days, it has meant a lot to us.
Thank You!
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Features Key:

  • With its unique formula combining GPS, photogrammetry, and robotics, VR Home offers the chance to create a fully-automated multi-room home
  • VR Home is the perfect VR product for professional users or consumers that are looking to build a truly living and fully-automated home
  • Download the VR Home app or the VR Home VR Home VR Home App
  • VR Home E-sports Game Key features:

    • The VR Home is this year’s winner of the International VR Home Prize and a great addition to the VR e-sports ecosystem
    • VR Home is the perfect VR product for professional e-sports players
    • Download the VR Home app


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    VR HOME is a sandbox game made for the HTC Vive based around building and designing your own virtual house or room. You can build, save and interact with your creations and homes.
    How To Play
    Install the game in your PC and install the SteamVR SDK. Activate the downloaded SDK in your Steam account.
    Go to SteamVR Home and click on «Start».
    To teleport to the room or place you want to place VR HOME into, click on the «Start App» button or tap the teleport buttons on the right side of the screen. You can also navigate to the place you want to teleport to and click on the «Start App» button to teleport to that place.
    STEP 1: Place the blue wand on the ground to create a virtual safe. You can do this in any room or place you want. This will protect your VR HOME from falling down the virtual stairs or any other issues.

    Any feedback or questions please contact me at 90% of the money earned goes back into developing the game further.Athletics at the 1991 Pan American Games – Women’s long jump

    The women’s long jump event at the 1991 Pan American Games was held in Havana, Cuba.



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    VR Home For PC

    This version of the game was only tested for Windows 10 with Vive Sdk 1.0 and HTC Vive.Features:GAMEPLAY:Objective: build your own house (or room) and customize it by decorating it with furniture and objects. This can be done with as much objects as you like. The object count can be changed in the options (vive keyboard shortcut ctrl + m). You will be able to play the game in virtual reality mode, normal 2D mode and outside mode (on a PC monitor). Outside mode is recommended to check your creations.You will be able to play from the four corners of the room, so make sure you can see all the corners to make a «full view». You are also able to view the room from above with the Tilt function. This is useful to find out if the furniture you put on top of the bed is ok or if the bed is supposed to be on top of the bed frame or not. This will be explained in later tutorial video.Touch controls:Objective: touch the objects on your TV, with your Vive controllers or with the Vive wand. Press a button or move your controllers to pick objects and place them. Build anything that you like.Display modes:Objective: check the wide variety of display modes. You will be able to have a virtual TV in fullscreen or in a doublebuffer window, you will be able to play 360 videos and watch 360 videos or you will be able to watch the 360 videos in a window or in a VR dome.Display options:Objective: select the graphics quality of the game, the lightness of the walls, the brightness of the walls, the size of the room and other options.Quality options:Objective: alter the quality of the graphics (texture, resolution, viewport, ptex and pnormals).Screen options:Objective: check the settings of the screen, change the screen brightness and the screen tint.Sound options:Objective: enable or disable the sound for the main menu and the build mode. Also the music volume.Online multiplayer:Objective: you can play online with other users of this software. You can do this by downloading the main game file on the shared files. You can also join a session online.VR Simulator mode:Objective: you can play this game with other players using the VR Simulator app for Windows 10. After you have downloaded the VR Simulator mode, you need to join an online session. Once you have joined an online session


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