Neurosciencies applied to movement In Denmark– Bronze Level


Balance Muscular Training proposes a face-to-face training system with online support to help the healthcare professional acquire useful tools in his professional endeavor through the learning of the BMT® Process.

At this level we seek mainly to:

· Deepen the understanding of the bases of neurophysiology and biomechanics applied to movement

· Deepen the biomechanical and neurophysiological bases in which the ENV® is formed.

· Understand the importance of active movement control mechanisms in stretching

· Learn tools for assessing the loss of neuromuscular contractility.

· Strengthen the understanding of relationships or muscle chains in their phases of absorbe and impulse in our body.

• Achieve joint stability following the initial bases of the BMT® Process.

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A new era is being born, a new era in the treatment of musculoskeletal dysfunctions through the optimization of muscle synergies and motor control, as we can see in more and more new streams of scientific research that focus on studying this paradigm.

We are beginning to see how neurosciences enter the scene of exercise, of functional recovery and we are beginning, in short, to understand the IMPORTANCE of the understanding of neurological processes in relation to human movement.

In November 2018, Liew BXW, Del Vecchio A and Falla D have published a review of studies entitled “The influence of musculoskeletal pain disorders on muscle synergies-A systematic review” (4). The influence of musculoskeletal pain disorders on muscle synergies) After the analysis of several studies they draw the following conclusion: “The analysis of synergies is a promising method to give understanding to the alterations in the motor control, it can facilitate the approach and treatment of the imbalances by muscular-skeletal pain.

BMT neuromuscular readjustment is a training for those who understand the IMPORTANCE of neuroscience, the work of the nervous system, afferent and efferent pathways, and the need for perfect muscle synchronicity for an optimal, functional and pain-free life.

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