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What Is Robux?
Robux is an in-game currency that can be used to purchase virtual items in your Roblox games.
What Are Premium Accounts?
Premium accounts enable you to unlock new in-game features. Access to premium features and content is available by spending Robux. The Robux price on Roblox fluctuates frequently, but currently, a user gets 2 Robux for free every 24 hours when opening a new game, and 8 Robux for every 500USD spent on in-app purchases.
Important Info For Parents:
The developer of the Roblox site is likely 14+, the player ages will span from 5 to 59, there may be questionable language, and there’s a fair amount of intense action. Players can explore the action on the «world» map or on the video chat community, which is separate and moderated. Please be aware of this when signing up your children for Roblox.
Roblox Price Drops
Based on the fall in the US Dollar, the price of Robux continues to decrease. As of this review, the Robux price was 0.00324 Gold, for an approximate cost of a nickel.
How To Access Robux In Roblox:
From the menu, click on «Settings» and then go to «In-App Purchases». Enter your Roblox Account email address and password to log in. Click on «Payment Info» and follow the instructions.
Is Roblox Legal?
Yes, Roblox is 100% legal and Roblox owns all game content.
How To Get Robux In Roblox:
In the «In-App Purchases» menu, select to buy Robux.
Is There Any Proof That Robux Are Real Money?
Yes, Robux are real currency and the developer is PayPal registered. They’re real money; you can deposit it into an account, and purchase items.
How Do I Get Free Robux?
From the «In-App Purchases» menu, select to watch ads.
How Long Do Robux Last?
As of this review, Robux last about 9 hours, and people are running out of Robux if


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