Neurosciencies applied to movement On Line – Bronze Level –



We call BMT a set of training tools of the neuromuscular system whose main objective is to achieve joint stability, that is, that all the muscles of the body control the forces they exert throughout the day, understanding our motor system as a complex integration of multiple subunits, which must work in harmony to achieve such stability.

BMT opens a new paradigm in strength training in which there are two key aspects:

1.- Training and compensation of the distal ends of the body

2.- A GLOBAL system formed by the interrelation between all the subunits of the body through muscular synergies, be they neuromechanical or biotensegrile.

Once we have entered neuroscience as we are going to work on different concepts from this approach, in this way we will understand pain from another perspective, neuroplasticity as the key to generating adaptations in our central nervous system, motor control as something essential for execution of any movement related task …

Are you ready?

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