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Pengantar Sosiologi Soerjono Soekanto Pdf 20

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You can’t control the formatting of the rendered HTML you get (as you can on your desktop), but you can force «Proportional font» on your stylesheet. From the docs:

Proportional font
Font size is proportional to the amount of text in a line of text.
This allows text to flow around an image or other graphic element.
The font size is determined by the ‘line-height’ property. Text is
considered proportional when line-height equals the font size. For
more information about proportional fonts, see the CSS3 Text
Module Level 2 draft.

To set this, add the following CSS rules to your stylesheet (and any other rules you want to overwrite):
@media print {
* {
font-size: 3em;
line-height: 1.33;

(you can make it more specific than * to only apply to tags or whatever; that’s up to you)

When viewed on a mobile device or a computer monitor, the device or
screen will scale the font proportionately to the size of the text.
The line height is more or less the same as the font size, so
text-size will scale down with the size of the text.

When viewed on a print device or a paper printout, the text will retain
its original size and the line height will be based on the overall
size of the text and the size of the entire line that is being
printed. Line height allows the text to be spaced apart more
appropriately. This allows for a more even width of lines and the
absence of the serifs at the end of lines.

Some of the commentary on the CSS3 Text module spec is worth a read, especially the closing paragraph:

Fonts for all device types
Having established how fonts work on traditional desktop and mobile