Nano is a stealthy, practical puzzle adventure game set in the near future, where most people have been immobilised by nanobots that have been inserted directly into their brains. Your character Nathan is a street racer who, despite your best efforts, has been captured by the ruthless Spacial organization and you must liberate him from his robotic prison. Your goal is to free Nathan from each puzzle as you make your way through the city and reach the top of the building. The greatest accomplishment of Nano Shift VR is the brilliant gameplay that is very different from any other VR game you’ve ever played before. Its fluid and uncomplicated interface and its natural storytelling depth and complexity give Nano an immersive experience that will leave you wanting more. Nano Shift VR is set within the Nano universe, a sci-fi setting of future technology, strong political themes and a strong dystopian theme. Key Features – Immersive and seamless motion and positional tracking – Immersive surround sound – Cinematic story driven experience – A variety of puzzle sequences; some fast-paced, others slow-paced, and one completely cooperative – Achieve the objectives by using any of the in-game items – Over 20 puzzles – 4 unique worlds – Full VR support on Oculus Rift / Vives / Vive About A co-operative VR puzzle game studio based in Bristol, is dedicated to building games for the VR/AR HMDs from Oculus / Samsung / HTC, and leveraging best-practice from live action game development. They are currently working on a series of titles including Nano Shift VR: an intense stealth-action VR puzzle game that has been designed specifically for Oculus Rift & Vive, and is the first game to use the AR visual capabilities of the VR HMDs. Additional information can be found at Enter the Gate of Alteil! Sword Knight, Meijin, and Battle Mage to the rescue! Reaver’s Gate Meijin – The prince of the Meijin cast and elemental mage of Fire, Meijin can control fire and summon the most powerful blast. He’s extremely strong against Physical attacks, but weak to magic. Sword Knight – The strongest of the knights, Sword Knights wield the largest swords and arrows, and best specialized in ranged attacks. They are the ones who protect and destroy the walls. Reaver – The brutal assassins of the clan, Reavers have


Features Key:

  • rgb shift function – You can adjust the brightness of the main RGB content when pressed and holding on the corner of the parent Nano Shift.
  • NPN shift – Shift the parent Nano Shift to the right or left, until all the modes are displayed.
  • RST – You can retrieve the original material like it was when leaving the hand pen tool mode.
  • Catch – The left or right key on the parent Nano Shift catches the material that comes near the pen tip.
  • Magnetic – Accurately align the parent Nano Shift to the host surface.
  • Wave 2 – The right side of the parent Nano Shift flashes for the left arrow and the left side flashes for the right arrow.
  • Wave 3 – You can now hold the parent Nano Shift on the right or left side of the host, and the right or left side flashes for the key number and the corresponding direction (up, down, left, right).
  • Nano Swipe – Drag the parent Nano Shift over the host interface, depending on the direction of the host for navigating in the host.
  • Nano Touch – The corner point includes your active tool(s) that you can open, swap or delete with the mouse or host interface.
  • NPN – You can retrieve the preceding or following material like it was when leaving the hand pen tool mode.
  • Magnetic – The host surface interacts with the parent Nano Shift in a similar way you are used to hold your pen with the corner. You can place the host on surface and hold it there by pen tip corner.
  • Wave 2 – The right side of the parent Nano Shift flashes for the left arrow


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    Currently, global warming is polluting the entire planet. The impact of the overcrowding will be catastrophic. The only salvation for us is to continue exploring other worlds and discovering unknown alien lifeforms. Nano Shift is an adventure with an intriguing plot and highly detailed 3D graphics as well as the ability to control the movement and rotation of the view, just as in Virtual Reality. In Nano Shift you’ll need to find the most advantageous place for me to explore the alien planet. Thanks to a special device, which gathers information about the environment and shows you the location of potential breeding places. Nano Shift VR is a very realistic experience. You need to look at everything, to explore every nook and cranny, to take in its atmosphere. Key Features: -Amazing character model designed by Teo Grgelov -3D environment in which you can wander around at your leisure -Mechanical elements will support you in your journey -Heartbeat rhythm allows the player to feel the various pressure levels (gravity, speed, time) -Deep interaction with the landscape -A rich, eventful story -Excellent VR experience Game Information Publisher: Fullbright Developer: Fullbright Genre:Adventure Release Date: November 19th, 2018 Languages: English, Russian Landed at several web stores. One of them has been miniGAMING. Grab the game right now for 69.99 USD / 54.99 EUR. Here you can support the developer and perhaps get an additional discount. Do You Like Nano Shift: Write a review Your Name Your Review Note: HTML is not translated! Rating Bad Good miniGAMING Whether you are searching for a unique game to play while relaxing or a challenging game that pushes your gaming skills to the limit, you have come to the right place. miniGAMING is about free pc games, which are easy to download and install. Remember to visit our website regularly for the best offers and discounts on your favorite games. Have fun and enjoy free gaming!Advancement of poliomyelitis eradication in India through the Global Polio Eradication Initiative. India, the second largest polio-endemic country, witnessed a drop in polio cases by more than 95% due to implementation of polio eradication initiatives. On 8th April 2016, Global Polio Erad d41b202975


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    3d. Endings of the animation are randomized. Hints aren’t needed in most areas. Online leaderboards at the end of missions and at the end of each level. 2k/1080p only mode available. The only thing i’d recommend is not getting any vibration dampeners, your controls will be a bit weird. Glasses aren’t a requirement, but you’ll want them to be the best quality you can afford. Vibration dampeners don’t work on this game. Note: This game is not to be played while eating food. It’s just a suggestion. MUSIC: «Trouble» by Nonfiction Bambata “Then simply get up, turn, and dash, through the choppy waves, like a bird that’s just… from her nest” “The Happiest Song You Never Heard” by Benx “How it is you? Your footprints in the sand and your heart? Wondering why it is you Can’t forget why? You want to forget why? I’ve had enough of why, I’m just sick of why…” It’s more of a rock song, but that’s only because the artist didn’t know how to sing a song. But then again, neither do I. This game was made by Jack Darimont, who is also a YouTube creator. He’s uploaded a few game play videos which I suggest you take a look at as he shows the game a little bit differently. Those of you who watched the first «Nano Shift VR» video already know what’s coming. I had so much fun with that first Nano Shift VR video and it looks like it’s going to be a great game, but just not long enough. It’s a first person, puzzle game with VR. The story is told over several levels, using the Vive controllers. You are the Nano Shift Vehicle, which you are keeping in your own time capsule. Along your journey, you discover clues, and solve puzzles to get to the missing pieces of your time capsule. But watch out, some things are out there that aren’t what they seem. Some guards patrol around the area, and the nano-shift vehicle is probably going to attract their attention. But anyway, to


    What’s new in Nano Shift:

    Studios Nano Shift Studios, Inc. (NSS), is an American design and manufacturing company of medical and thermal protective clothing of all kinds. It is best known as the manufacturer of the Breathe Easy PPE line, including its signature, waterproof and 3M Scotchlite reflective logo-printed Breathe Easy Hoods/Face Shields. The company also manufactures other products for both military and civilian markets. The company was founded by Trevor McAlister (a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Coast Guard Reserve) and Dr. Richard Bradley. McAlister launched the company as a nonprofit effort to develop and manufacture protective clothing and equipment for United States Coast Guard personnel who were suffering from post-traumatic stress after being exposed to the 2004 film ‘Syriana’ in 2005, when he noticed that many of his fellow service men and women were suffering from «post-Syriana» syndrome, the effects of psychological damage resulting from exposure to a single stressful incident. Background Nano’s parent company is known for two major product lines. One product line is the FATED line (Founded on Enterprise Technology) of military- and law enforcement-grade, hard case chemical protective gear that the company formerly began development in support of the United States Coast Guard (USCG), and was focused on producing communications and radio technology hardware for the service. The second product line is Breathe Easy PPE, which the company has produced for both civilian and military markets, focused on the production of high quality, protective gear for public safety officers. Nano Shift Studios’ manufacturing facility located in Corona, California produced approximately 180,000 Breathe Easy Hoods in the first quarter of 2014. Company profile Military Nano Shift Studios manufactures several different product lines. Military manufacturing support from Nano Shift is roughly 85–90% of their overall sales. Emergency medicine Nano Shift Studios provides medical emergency, trauma, and catastrophic medical products, which are used by the United States military and local law enforcement. Law enforcement Nano Shift Studios provides a number of emergency products to law enforcement, including, but not limited to, SWAT teams, rescue teams, and hazardous materials specialists. Insurance Nano Shift also provides protective gear to workers under the Worker’s Compensation Program. Creative Currently they are developing medical high-visibility clothing for National Basketball Association teams as well as other brands. History The company developed 911


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