We are making original soundtrack for The Cursed Forest*
Together with our «musical partner» Alex Zarapis we are composing original music for this game.
The soundtrack will be on sale in Bandcamp, SoundCloud & Google Play stores!
We are here to hear your opinion about our music!
The game The Cursed Forest is an adventure horror platform game with a 60s’esque cartoon art style, it mixes the best of survival horror, point&click, dungeon crawls and horror movie.
This game was built with the Unity engine.
Because of this it is also playable by 100% of the indie games,
so if you use Unity engine be sure to check it!
The game has a very important chapter of the story.
We are a small indie team of two brothers with a little experience in videogames design.
We want to inform about it as much as possible,
please refer to the links that we posted on our website and check the game for more information.
Want to read more on our website?
Visit our website

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and Facebook:
We would be very happy if you can give us a like on facebook and a follow on twitter.
We hope you have a good time with our music and games!
Thanks for listening!
*Cursed Forest is a parody game, we made it so it can be as funny as possible!
Please don’t buy this game if you are offended by real-life horror stories and real horror games.
The audio of our music on this soundtrack is copied from the original game, so we are not trying to infringe on anyone’s rights.
A lot of hard work and research was done so the soundtrack would fit for the original game.
We also could not copy the music of The Cursed Forest because, according to the publisher of the original game, it is protected by a very restrictive licence.
Thank you for your attention!
Now for the game!
*No part of this soundtrack is pirated or registered.
Copyright (c) 2018 by Unique Mere
*This soundtrack is released under Creative Commons CC0 Noncommercial license.
*This soundtrack is free to use, distribute, and share.
(It is a song, therefore it is supposed to be shared with everyone, so you can’t hold


LEGO® MARVEL’s Avengers DLC – The Masters Of Evil Pack Features Key:

  • Primary: Sequential battle system (X Genso Supernovas)
  • Backup: Localized / patched/ multiple endings (Jounin-kun 1.0)
  • Secret: Ace-casual shooter (Touhou Genso Wanderer -Reloaded-)
    Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection
    • The Zombie Ending
    • Uncharted II (my favorite, but there’s also The Great Hunt)
    • Uncharted 3 (I have never played it, but it’s my favorite character ever)


LEGO® MARVEL’s Avengers DLC – The Masters Of Evil Pack Crack [Mac/Win]

Game story:
There are many countries in the world, and each of them has its own nation.
A system of ordering under their power has been installed. There are many different enemies, which have used the military, technology and financial resources to build powerful armies. Then there is the most dangerous enemy — the robots. Robots have taken over many spaces and devastated the planet. There is also another enemy — the virus, where it is hidden in the human bodies. Everyone wants to protect themselves from the virus and destroy the killers who are hiding it. The situation becomes increasingly critical and the time is running out. All must choose a particular nation and participate in the fight for the survival of the humankind in general.
Our game hero is a young scientist Mennix. He decided to participate in the war. He prepared to meet the enemy. The hero is an «ordinary» person, but there are many things about which he is an expert. All of it he has to do alone.

You control your own Army and fight against numerous enemies, each of which has its own name, and you can collect or take in the game any necessary military equipment or facilities.

Game map:
You start the game from base, which has several buildings, which can be constructed in the game. The map is divided into areas which we call zones. In zones are only base facilities. In zones, you can construct new buildings. All buildings have different influence on the game. Each building consumes resources. To make new buildings you need resources and, of course, enough money. You can look at the map on your own screen and see the areas where the enemy robots are currently located. You will be able to search and destroy them when you need to, but you can not fight at that moment with enemy robots. You can not build your buildings in the same area in which an enemy robot is currently located.

Game tactics:
There are a few tactics:

New buildings/consumables
To build new buildings, you need materials and money. When you have all of the necessary materials, you can build your buildings. Of course, the time required for building the building is counted from the moment the builders have enough materials. To buy new buildings/consumables, you can spend money. To keep your money, you can buy a base, which will automatically be renewed periodically and to continue the control over the game. You can always purchase new equipment for your units. But, unfortunately, you


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# Action mode:
This is the original version of HappyBlock, simply blocks falling from the top of the screen.


What’s new:

I’m pretty sure I once did a Google Image Search for a 10 Second Shuriken theme song. Sometime in the past and I most likely never bought it in the end. I’ve come across info on Google images from the past so I thought I’d find it and post here to hopefully boost the record of the mythical age old, 10 second shuriken theme.

Here are some of the lyrics: – Battle of the world – No time for fear, grab the next shuriken – Prepare for havoc, no time to hear gunshots – Shuriken war, no time to practice – Altough the battle is over, my battle won – Time to re-set the record – Back to the world of shuriken – No time to fear – Time to face the world – Again as the battle of the shuriken sounds, no time to pay – Time to re-store the shuriken in the sky

The chorus should sound like this… – Time to re-set the record – Again as the battle of the shuriken souds, no time to pay – Time to re-store the shuriken in the sky!

Most of you know that «The Pit and The Pendulum» is my favorite Shuriken theme. My first memory of it comes from watching Rob Zombie’s «Hellraiser» back in the early 90’s. I remember loving that film, and when it came out on DVD, my mom taped the soundtrack for me. I remember the shuriken theme song… its is classic.

And yes, I agree with Universal Mortalizer. I think everyone should be familiar with at least some part of the Shuriken sequence. What’s great about the way they made the shuriken, it’s almost like they were having fun making it!

This may surprise some of you, but I am not familiar with the songs mentioned in the OP. My shuriken theme is a 95-99 version of «Delorean Delight» I heard long ago. Before that, I played the 75-77 version of «Shuriken Petala».

«Delorean Delight» is actually the 70’s version. Back then, Universal wasn’t really into Shuriken and/or wasn’t into Ozzy’s Evil-ly Divine albums. At the time, they released The Ultravox Anthology.

As far as I know, almost all the Shuriken songs were out for


Free LEGO® MARVEL’s Avengers DLC – The Masters Of Evil Pack Free License Key

Nancy Drew is a young sleuth who searches for truth and justice wherever she may find it. Through a smart and determined approach to solving mysteries, she must solve every problem with logic, patience, and her wits.
The player is Nancy Drew as she searches for the truth in her first adventure, The Shattered Medallion.
• Explore a mystery novel with puzzles, settings, and characters.
• Play multiple mini-games.
• Travel to places around the world.
• Includes new mini-games: Room Escape, Pawn Shuffle, and Weird Realms!
• Includes an eight-page story and an instructional guide.
• Includes the following mini-games: The Maze Game, The Evil Eye, The Huge Difference, The Flirt, The Code, and The Tower of Risk.
• Illustrated with the super sleuth’s signature, red-haired Nancy Drew.
This is not a complete game. This content is sold separately and is only available as a download.
How to play:

How to customize:

Play with courage
Play with cunning
Play with reason
Play with logic
Why :
A thrilling hidden object puzzle game from the legendary series. A new adventure for the intrepid Nancy Drew!
1. Game Features :
– Stylish storytelling with all new special effects!
– Explore an intriguing fictional world with unique puzzles.
– Full-screen gameplay with rich graphic and impressive visual effects.
– A vast world with unique and innovative puzzles.
– Fun and challenging game play.
– Experience a thrilling mystery story with Nancy, Nick and the rest of the Drew’s family!
– Play with cunning. Play with courage. Play with reason. Play with logic!
– 50 exciting levels.
– Interactive, third-person gameplay.
– Top quality super-stunning graphics.
– Original music.
– Cinematic story lines.
– Stylish single player gameplay.
– Unique, innovative puzzles.
– Rich and immersive, all new and completely unique story line!
– A complex and challenging adventure.
– No in-


How To Crack:

  • System Requirements
  • How To Install
  • Supported devices
  • Supported Languages
  • Should I Report bugs?

  • What does this game<span style="color:#FF0000;"></span>_actually_<span style="color:#FF0000;"></span>_actually_<span style="color:#FF0000;"></span>_do? It’s simple and straightforward. It’s just an adventure space climbing game from the famous game company, Fallout 2. You must build a rocket booster to explore the world. This is where you begin the story. You must gather resources to buy materials, unlock open world map and to make rocket booster. Every thing is decided by your experience points.

    System Requirements

    Windows: XP SP2/Vista/Windows 7


    • i3 or equivalent
    • 2GB
    • 4GB for a Oculus Rift CV1

    Graphics cards:

    • VGA card


    • 2GB

    How to Install?

    1. First install Developer’s version of Space Sprinter VR through game launcher. It would work as a standalone application but it is best to check first if your Game Launcher supports Game Devkit or not. If it doesn’t then download and install project home or use browser then download the way they tell to you.

    2. Download Game Devkit files from here,



    System Requirements:

    Windows 7/8/10:
    OS: Windows 7/8/10
    CPU: Intel or AMD dual-core, quad-core or greater
    RAM: 1 GB
    Hard Disk: 1 GB (Game data saved on the hard disk)
    Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 or Radeon HD 4890
    Video: 1280 x 1024 resolution, fullscreen support
    Sound: DirectX compatible sound card
    Internet connection: Broadband internet connection with webcam
    Network Adapter: Broadband internet connection
    DirectX: Version 9.


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