Roblox is an online gaming platform that offers its users three different user experiences: creators, viewers, and players.
– Creators are able to design their own games or games in which they have a big role (e.g. CEO).
– Viewers can simply view the games the Roblox creators have uploaded and choose to play any of the games (e.g. watchers).
– Players can either play single player (solo game) or play with friends (duo game).
The game that you create on Roblox can be played by other users of the site online and also by Roblox Viewers. The viewer of your game can access your game (content, rooms, and so on) from their Roblox website, even without having your game installed. For example, your viewer can visit click on a game, and be taken to a page that shows that game in your viewer’s web browser, and where they can join the game if they like.
Users start by creating their own virtual “world” or “room” on the site. Users can easily create their own rooms and invite people to play with them. Create Rooms
Roblox comes with several pre-built starter kits that you can use to create a simple game. These starter kits are called “Headquarters,” and you can create yours through the homepage located at
In a Headquarter, there’s a large, central play area that’s divided into four areas: a top left corner, a top right corner, a bottom left corner, and a bottom right corner. The walls that separate these sections from each other are called “curtains” and you can drag these walls to create as many different games as you want, with as many different “rooms” as you want.
To add a room to a game, go to the controls in the top right corner and click “Add.” You can then add anywhere from one to thousands of square “blocks” or “rooms” to your game.
Users can even create their own starter kits and invite other users to play with them through a web browser, cell phone, or computer connected to the Internet. The browser-based starter kit is called “Brick Builders,” and you


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How to play.

First time I downloaded Roblox was on 2013 and found the game quite fun to play and even more fun to give it an all new life on Xbox One.

Set up Roblox is pretty simple when you understand what is going on. On your Xbox One, you go to the apps and in the search bar type “Roblox”. Press search and what you should see is “download Roblox on Xbox One”. There’s also some other apps you may want to try like MakeIt, Ninja Blocks, Cut it. On an Xbox 360 or PS3, you have to download Roblox first. See links below.

Sign up.

From time to time, Roblox will send you a code to get free robux. Sometimes a code is going to be something like “firstgame13” or “firstapp11” and you have to redeem it. Just open the main menu and head over to redeem codes and you’ll see something like “1 in 1000 codes available” and you hit the big red button.

Redeem codes.

To redeem the code that’s been sent to you, just go to redeem codes and you’ll see all the codes available. Just select the one you want to play with and what you should see is “ready to redeem now”. Press OK. What you want to see now is an epic fail screen as Roblox will give you a timer, the timer will reset every time Roblox’s servers are up for that day or month. You only have a limited amount of times to claim your free codes. So don’t spend too much time on your screen. Hit “try again” and you’ll be back at the redeem code screen. You can redeem the code unlimited times but some codes have been redeemed countless times before. Just sayin’.

Download link.

If you’re not using an Xbox One, make sure you download Roblox from here:

You can try to change servers but that will cost you money.

How do I


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Robux generator without phone number

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You can change all the settings if you want. I have tried to make it as simple as possible.

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When will it be updated?

The updater will automatically check for updates when you run it. Just launch the game and select the updater menu to see available updates.


Will it come with the future updates?

We have no plans for future updates.



So long since I used this, so I don’t have screenshots for you. But I will have them, just a little while…

How to install and use this app?

Download the robux hack apk. Extract all the files in this apk.

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