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Created for the iPhone and iPod Touch, A Night In The Woods brings to life the cautionary tale of a young woman who leaves her small town in rural Japan for the bustling metropolis of Tokyo. Along the way, she encounters a cast of colorful, lovable characters and encounters unexpected twists and turns.
Whether cooped up in her room on school grounds or exploring the great city, Ami’s short-sightedness will result in larger problems in her life. Can she find the answers she is seeking before time runs out?

– A Night in the Woods is a challenging, original puzzle game with a wide variety of special features.
– Discover a protagonist with a unique story as you play through the game and seek to unravel what happens after Ami’s fateful night.
– Enjoy and explore the ever-changing world of A Night in the Woods and find your answers on your own time.
– A Night in the Woods is the first game available through the Apple Arcade, a subscription service available to everyone.


– Build and expand your own unique set of shops, restaurants, and other locations for your players.
– Mix and match items to customize your town to your liking.
– Harness the full power of the local browser, and take advantage of your iPhone’s touch interface
– Find new ways to expand your town and grow a thriving business while surviving tough new situations.


– Over 35 unique items to purchase and sell.
– Draw your own map and navigate via your iPhone’s interface.
– Discover a dark and vivid world, with dynamic new environments and enemies.
– Meet a cast of colorful characters and gain new friends along the way
– Ami’s thoughts help bring her story to life.

– Enjoy your growing business just as much as your town, and discover a wide range of new challenges and engaging scenarios along the way.

One of the best games ever created on the AppStore, A Night in the Woods shows that even a formula of the genre can be improved in a significant way. Instead of the many hours of empty wandering, waiting for your next lost and more or less stationary character to appear you experience the game from the perspective of the protagonist Ami. It’s a shame, but in the wrong way, that the game


Fantasy Farming: Orange Season Features Key:

  • Farms, Teams, and Players from Season 4
  • Pleasing squadrons
  • Play Farm Scouts


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Fantasy Farming: Orange Season is the fourth DLC of fantasy farming game, the story is the continuation of new season.
We present the sequel of Fantasy Farming: Orange Season, the new season is named “Orange Season”, and the storyline is “After the wind and the snow, the brilliant sunshine is blooming. The falling orange is sunny outside, rain, snow and wind is not a problem for farming, the glorious day comes at last, don’t you also want to get behind the Orange Festival?”
Detailed Features:


Fantasy Farming: Orange Season (Latest)

In the game, you need to build a farm to grow plants to feed the pig to become more powerful, you can buy some fertilizers. As you can see, the more you feed the pig, the more powerful it is, so you have to buy all the fertilizer you can get to feed the pig. If you don’t feed it enough, it will get weak, if you feed it too much, it will get powerful, but you will need a lot of seeds, it will use up more fertilizer than you need to make a powerful pig.
The game tells you when you have all the fertilizer you need to feed the pig. It’s important to feed the pig enough fertilizer to get more seeds so you can continue to grow more pigs. There is also the possibility to turn on the game and tell the game when to restart.
Game Features: 1. The game is all about collecting seeds. You can complete the game in various ways. 2. You can buy new seeds and fertilizers to help the game play. 3. You can turn on and off the game to restart it when you need to.4. This game is very easy to use.
There are 4 tasks in each day, to complete all of them is to pass the level.
Arrow key – movement
Ctrl – Jumping
Tab – Inventory
Press Enter to return to home screen
Joysticks and mouse are not support
Android OS is pre-installed in the ROM

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What’s new in Fantasy Farming: Orange Season:


Afterward, I talked with Dave Stabler and Mike Cerreia of Sunset Beach Farms. They were, as always, more than happy to tell me more about their long endeavors and to show me their extensive—and mostly elegant—organic rootstock. Between them and Big Al, I’ve been exposed to all sorts of things and I thoroughly appreciate the time, knowledge, effort, and passion Big Al and Dave show in their production.


David Stabler and Mike Cerreia have been tending to vineyards at Sunset Beach Farms in the San Francisco Peninsula for most of my life. Big Al and I tasted a wine they were making a few years ago and I was enthralled. The fact that both of them were in front of me at the tasting and the beautiful quality of the wine and the relatively excellent score I gave it confirmed that the wine was good…much better than I thought it’d be, given the quality of what I knew.

Here’s an excerpt from a recent email exchange I had with Stabler:

August 14, 2014

Hi Dave,

Here are the results of your VINE S4. I loaded the meter and found it 3.3 f.s. (not bad). I’m going to be able to get my pick for the month now. You got the same yield as you did in 2012. I’ll have to add a bulk amount to upsurge. Big Al got 3.1 berry count.

I’d like to see about sending you some of the fruit. We have about 5-6 bunches per picket of fruit. Would you be interested?



All of us have scored grapes from Sunset Beach on our tastings and wine notes (and I have numerous notes of Sunset Sea’s wines—I even shot a 50+ review of some of the earlier vintages earlier this year). But the thought of actually tasting wine from Sunset Beach Farms gave me an almost overwhelming rush of emotion. If I were to drink a bottle of wine from Sunset Beach right now, and I’ve always had a very hard time describing what feelings I have while tasting wine, I would have found myself crying over this one. Because Sunset Beach is the life behind the scenes of so many of the wines I’ve encountered over the last twelve years and I feel SO


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  • You will get a Success Message, OK, Great
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System Requirements:

Mac OS X v10.8 or later
Intel Mac
2 GB RAM recommended
1024 x 768 display resolution
In this one we’re adding a bunch of fun for you all! The update also includes a lot of other improvements, such as:
Added new theme to the game!
New animal sounds!
Added bonus boxes!
New annoying animals!
Fixed a bug that gave new players no badges!
Fixed bug that turned new players into veterans!
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