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Introduction to Photoshop Tutorials Basic Tutorials How To Create Photoshop Artifacts by Danny Ahlin This tutorial teaches you how to use basic Photoshop tools and gives some tips to take your Photoshop skills to the next level. Photoshop Tutorial – Beginners to Intermediate by The Pixel Art Guy Tired of pixel art? This tutorial goes into detail on how to create beautiful pixel art. Learn Photography with Adobe Photoshop 7-hours Total-Set Tutorials by Joshua Olsen Learn Adobe Photoshop 7-hour Total-Set Tutorials How to create a stylish portrait in Photoshop by What makes a good portrait? Great lighting? Interesting subject? A warm, flattering background? What if you want to create a portrait that shows all the above, but you don’t have the financial resources to shoot a professional studio photo? A quick-and-dirty guide to creating portraits and headshots in Photoshop by Creative Cow Quick-and-dirty guide to creating portraits in Photoshop 3D Artwork: How to Turn Photographs into 3D Models by The Pixel Art Guy Photoshop Tutorial – Super Slow Start & Stop Animation by MemeBear Learn Photoshop from Start to Finish The Art of Small Wonders by Kev Photoshop Tutorial – How To Create Artistic Textures by Pixel Art Guy Create Your Own Texture Art with Lightroom and Photoshop Learn Photoshop by Mikujart How to Create Original Portraits and Posing by iamnotnick Create a flatter and more finished portrait in Photoshop CS6 using a combination of detail, blur and vignette Easy Photoshop Portrait Portrait Portrait Photography Some examples of digital retouching in Photoshop include painting, bleaching, correcting color, straightening or warping images, and many more. Digital photoshop also has other ways to alter images and can create new images using other software, such as Lightroom or Photoshop itself. There are also many Photoshop Elements tutorials available. Photoshop allows you to carry over most of your work to Photoshop. Photoshop Elements allows more new features and tools but is less user friendly. Adobe Photoshop Introduction Photoshop Microsoft PowerPoint Tutorials Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation program made by Microsoft. PowerPoint 2007, the latest version, brought power to the presentation world by introducing a slide that could contain

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This tutorial will provide an introduction to using Adobe Photoshop Elements to edit photos. Step 1. Setting up Adobe Photoshop Elements – Click on File > New and select Edit Image. Step 2. Importing images – Click on Edit > Paste and use the drop-down menu to select one of your images that you want to add to your project. Step 3. Enlarging and reducing images – Use the scroll bar on the left side of the screen to select which side of the photo you want to adjust. To make the image larger, drag towards the outside of the scroll bar, or to make it smaller, drag towards the inside of the scroll bar. Step 4. Importing shapes and text – Use the scroll bar on the right side of the screen to select which side of the image you want to manipulate. To import a shape, click once on the background with the scroller then click on the desired shape. To import text, click once on the image and then click once on the text. Step 5. Adjusting brightness and contrast – Use the sliders at the bottom of the window to select how bright or dark you want the picture to be. Use the various sliders to control brightness as well. Step 6. Resizing and cropping images – Use the bottom slider to set the size of your image and then drag towards the top to see what percentage of the image you are using. If you wish to resize an image in the top-right area of the screen, use the arrow keys to move the image and then press and hold down Ctrl and click the desired percentage from the list. Step 7. Artistic effects – To add artistic effects to an image, use the numerous sliders available in the graphic tool. Step 8. Adjusting levels and color levels – Use the sliders to make the image brighter or darker. You can also use the levels to change the amount of white and black in the image. Step 9. Reducing colors and removing saturation – Select the color panel at the bottom of the window and select the color box to make the desired adjustments. Step 10. Making specific adjustments – Use the tools provided in the upper right-hand corner of the screen to make specific adjustments to the image. Step 11. Saving images – Save your work by clicking on File > Save. Name your image in the box provided. Step 12. Creating images with effects – After saving your image 05a79cecff

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Bulldog: The Angelic Guard of Hell’s Gate Bulldog: The Angelic Guard of Hell’s Gate is a 1981 novel by Poul Anderson. It is a sequel to The Bulldog Breed and the third book in the Bulldog Ballad series. Plot summary The island of Hell’s Gate has been destroyed by war and the evil Lord of Hell, Wyrm. The Orc king, Balthazar, and the renegade matriarch, Jem, flee the island to start a new life. After a century of peace, Hell’s Gate is once again in turmoil with a new warlord, the madman Szeras. In the year 1283, while working as a sailor on the docks of Sarcella, Erazm is kidnapped by pirates. Two years later, he is sold into slavery in the mines of Kall’s Brim. There he meets a girl named Norma and the other slaves Ifta and Gilando. They are captured by the Lord of Hell and Szeras. Together the slaves reach the new Hell’s Gate. Wyrm, however, has designs on Norma. He captures her and takes her to Hell’s Palace, his newly built, high-tech fortress. Erazm manages to escape from the slave holding pen and, after freeing Norma, they flee to Earth. There they are taken in by Captain Gershom and his wife, Daverine. At the beginning of the novel, Erazm meets Aloüs, a farmer in a small village. He is recruited by the Child of Prague to join his brother, Master of Spears, in an impossible rescue mission of King Fortunate’s baby. In Prague, the military is alarmed over the fact that the Jewish sleight-of-hand artists, the Knights of the Temple of Solomon, have been performing a ritual of exorcism on Prince Daniel. They ask Erazm to find out whether the Knights have a secret cache of the Spear of Destiny, the mythical staff of Excalibur, in the Holy Land. Erazm and his companions go to the Holy Land. There they find a safe, hidden by the Templars, and they search for the spear. Master of Spears accuses him of stealing the spear for his own power. Erazm attacks his brother. Due to Aloüs’ intervention, the others manage to rescue him. Aloüs, Master of Spears,

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Q: Contact Form 7 (Civi) – Sending the same email to different groups I’m using Contact Form 7 for the first time. I created a contact form and it works but I would like to add some additional fields. I was just curious about the potential of sending the same form (and/or merge) to different groups of people. For example, send the same email, but with a button that would merge the new field into the Contact Form 7 fields to send it to the people in that group. Thanks for any help. A: Contact Form 7 supports custom fields. So you can make sure contact form provides fields like Group Members, Gender, etc… These fields are optional. You can write a custom script or CiviCRM hook to generate the merge fields with these values and send an email notification. The World’s Media The World’s Media is a weekly Australian and New Zealand newspaper owned by Australian Consolidated Press. The paper is published in Sydney (weekdays), Hobart (Wednesdays), Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and Darwin and is available on newsstands across Australia and in New Zealand. The World’s Media is the only weekly newspaper in Australia and New Zealand with a global platform. History The World’s Media was founded in 1905 as the John Fairfax Weekly World by New Zealand newspaper proprietor John Fairfax. Like many other New Zealand newspapers of the era, it was sold in the 1930s and bought back into family ownership in the 1970s. Under the Fairfaxes, its stablemate The Sun-Herald was established and the company expanded into a network of newspapers. In 1998, The World’s Media was sold to Australian Consolidated Press. In 2010, following the death of John Fairfax, The World’s Media became a print-only publication, as The Sun-Herald inherited The World’s Media»’s Sunday and online newsrooms. Content The World’s Media contains news, views, reviews, opinion, classifieds, entertainment, sports and weather information. It also includes many popular features such as «Weekend» and «Grateful Dead», as well as music reviews, arts and culture, and lifestyle content. In June 2007, The World’s Media made headlines for including an article arguing that Han Solo and Chewbacca have been allowed to reproduce. References External links Official website Category

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Windows 7 or newer 512MB RAM VGA compatible graphics card DirectX 9.0c Minimum resolution 800×600 Measured in real-time with the use of the GameFace application, high-resolution (HD) gameplay will play back smoothly at resolutions of up to 1080p. For best performance, use a dedicated graphics card (such as the AMD Radeon HD 4870) with shader model 3.0 or higher. Minimum system requirements also include at least 512MB of RAM and a VGA compatible graphics card with!/?p=18733