Aml Pages is a feature-rich application developed for managing documents, web pages, notes, passwords and other important information in a single place.
A somewhat crowded but quite functional user interface
The interface is represented by a regular window divided into multiple areas for creating objects, managing them, viewing history, and others. There are a lot of options provided by the program but, unfortunately it is not very clear on how to get started.
It is possible to create documents, alphabetical lists and daily books. The word processing tool is backed up by standard options such as formatting attributes, font colors, hyperlinks, and date/time stamp.
Offers a wide array of export, import and other types customization options
Pointing out document subdivisions is possible by creating nodes and child nodes. These can be sorted by various criteria, like creation date, view type and syntax highlighting. Aml Pages provides options for writing sticky notes, searching for text within a selected node, creating a favorites list, importing data, as well as for exporting the entire document to a directory tree or XML file. These are just a small part of the features available through the application.
As far as configuration properties are concerned, you can set the app to automatically run at system startup, establish a custom date and time format, select the compression level for saving data, enable autosave, customize the appearance (colors, fonts and icons), and more.
Feature-packed and lightweight app for managing your documents
The program is surprisingly light on system resources, so it does not put a strain on computer performance. We have not come across any issues throughout our evaluation, as the tool did not hang, crash or pop up error dialogs. The only downside to Aml Pages is that it's not intuitive. Otherwise, it comes packed with numerous features to please even picky users. There is also a portable edition available.


DownloadDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

DownloadDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






Aml Pages PC/Windows [Latest-2022]

1. Import text into Pages format and other formats
2. Export Pages format into common formats
3. Export and generate HTML from single-page documents or content databases
4. Automatically convert documents in the Pages format to a PDF file
5. Convert Pages format to ZIP, RTF, and DOCX formats
6. Delete selected pages from a document, or add them to a new document, from any directory
7. Create new document with an empty text or list
8. Sort any document by any criterion
9. Set format and fonts from image resources
10. Search for text in the document and display the results
11. Specify the start position for search
12. Set page numbering by date, position, or name
13. Set font style, background, and alignment for each page
14. Set text color for each page
15. Add different date formats (with sets of rules and types)
16. Insert images into the text from a specified folder
17. Add hyperlinks to specific locations in the text
18. Create contact folders, favorites folders, and bookmark files
19. Open the clipboard contents directly from any file
20. Create and save any folder as a bookmark
21. Check spelling and grammar of any text
22. Insert and modify HTML formatted text
23. Check HTML code validity
24. Convert a sequence of HTML pages to a single Web page
25. Search the Internet for a page based on a text
26. Create and set PDF documents
27. Create a PDF printer profile
28. Set the conversion parameters for any e-mail message
29. Set background and font colors for HTML e-mails
30. Export the e-mails as HTML, RTF, or text, or even to PDF format
31. Display a thumbnail of selected e-mail or PDF files
32. Open HTML e-mail in a web browser
33. View HTML e-mail source code in the editor
34. Set e-mail headers (attachment format, e-mail signature, and so on)
35. Preview any selected e-mail as HTML, RTF, and text
36. Convert HTML e-mail into a PDF file
37. Convert an e-mail message as a PDF attachment
38. Annotate PDF files
39. Remove the search box from a PDF file
40. Add a bookmark to a PDF file
41. Add bookmarks to PDF files
42. Add

Aml Pages Download For PC (April-2022)

Aml Pages Free Download has an extremely simple interface, it’s essentially just a collection of tools for creating files and documents, and then managing those documents.
The program comes with a few different types of documents: Newsletters, Bookmarks, Books, and General. From the Documents tab you can organize them into folders. From the Tools tab you can manage Documents, Bookmarks, Folders, and Privacy. The Preferences tab allows you to set the default settings for documents and bookmarks, as well as add Notes and passwords.
You can also create new documents by clicking on the Document icon in the toolbar. The documents are easy to add and organize, as are the bookmark and folder tools, and a few simple notes are provided.
Arrows and some fonts are customizable, and there’s a section for inserting common tags. There is also a basic tool for highlighting text.
You can also create new websites from within the program, although they are not really editable like they could be in such a text editor. You can’t move, copy, or delete the code, but you can format it with the normal line formatting tools, and it’s easy to add, delete, or move website links.
For importing and exporting information, a simple search function is provided to locate specific tags, and most data can be exported to a text file, spreadsheet, PDF, or HTML. You can also import data from text files, HTML, and CSV.
The program is compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7.


KWrite is a powerful document editor, good for editing Web pages, Word documents, Plain Text files, etc. With its (light) UI, you can start simple but quickly move on to more advanced features.
It is written in C++ and powered by the wxWidgets framework.

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Aml Pages Activator (Latest)

Aml Pages: Documents, passwords, notes, web pages, and more… All in one place. — Simple, organized interface — Great for everything from personal to business — Add many types of objects. — Batch rename all — Sort and select your objects — View objects by Type, SubType, and more — Search through objects by content — Export or Import with options to XML or single directory — Customizable via XML file or from icon — Create quick notes — Add all types of links — Export to a single file with many formats — Import HTML, PDF, HTML, PPT, Word, and more — View documents from your network — Import all types of objects — Organize documents into folders — Open files in Word, PPT, or PDF — Add custom icons — Modify appearance settings — Add a taskbar icon — Always up-to-date via automatic updates — Add an endnote — Set a location in the endnote system. — Don’t have a password for your object? — Set a password and let users change it — Browse passwords in a List or Tree view. — Add a single note to a node — Add many notes — Save or export an object as an encrypted object; CER, XAR, EVP, or DPG — Run in the background — Self-destruction. — Run in reverse motion. — Options includes creating sticky notes. — Create a favorites list — Import and export objects from a subdirectory or file — Export to PDF — Export to XML files, single files, or entire directory — Export as HTML files or to XML files or as images. — Works with all versions of Microsoft Office. — Import files from Windows Explorer (up to Windows Vista)
Please install the @AmlPages_setup v5.3.3.0 + Portable APP, and let me know if you are experiencing any issues.
Aml Pages Web Site:


I assume you are looking for a simple notepad like app that can manage a variety of files types. I would recommend you check out
Nedit (the new name for nano)
You can see the official site for it here
What It Does:
nano allows you to easily edit, view, and create files in the terminal. You can use it to edit text documents, HTML and XML files, Unix scripts, and, of course, your own projects! You can even share your edited files with others

What’s New in the Aml Pages?

Aml Pages is a document management program that features a clean and simple interface. The program’s most prominent feature is its ability to create a tree-like structure of documents that can then be analyzed by sorting and filtering. This allows you to find anything from word processing documents to personal notes in one place.

Specific features:
Create documents and folders from a WYSIWYG editor.
Create Word Processing Documents.
Create LISTS in alphabetical order.
Create DATES in a particular format.
Create BOOKS, an All-in-One List.
Drag and drop between TREE and LIST.
Easy to use and recommend.

System requirements:
Windows XP or higher.
CPU: 1.5 GHz or more
RAM: 512 MB or more
Disk Space: Free Disk Space: minimum 500 MB
Internet Connection: HTML Browser.

Download Aml Pages:


There are a few possible options, depending on what you’re looking for.

EZ Information – lightweight
EverNote – a WYSIWYG word processor that utilizes a tag based approach like so:

EZtags (word processor) – a WYSIWYG editor from the early 2000s that manages your documents in a similar way, with tags that organize the content.
EZ Reference – a reference manager that is also tag based.

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System Requirements:

To download the file, right-click on the link and «Save Link As»
Install the game and run it once.
If the game doesn’t install, download «» from the bottom of this
page and run the game.
Please note that the game will take about 20-25 minutes to install and run,
depending on your PC speed.
Windows Installer File:
Extract the compressed zip file and install the game.
You will get a message telling you that the game has been installed.